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Het International Film Festival Rotterdam staat voor de deur. Van 25 januari tot en met 5 februari 2023 keert het festival terug in de Rotterdamse bioscopen. En ook dit jaar programmeren ze wederom meerdere queer en LHBTQ+-films. Gaykrant geeft vrijkaarten weg. 

Hieronder vind je de titels en trailers van alle LHBTI+films die het festival geprogrammeerd heeft staan. Gaykrant geeft twee maal twee vrijkaarten weg. Stuur een mail naar en wie weet ga jij naar het vermaarde IFFR toe.


Looking For Connection (RTM compilation): Five short films that investigate gender roles, relationships, and probing in the search for connection: need, Fringe, I Want to Go Higher, Maxi-Pad, and SOLO

Maxi-Pad (Julia de Roo,RTM): Max is young and non-binary. As Maxi-Pad, they use experiences to explore the concept of femininity.

Blue Jean (Georgia Oakley, Harbour): Gym teacher Jean grapples with sexuality, self-censorship and identity in this intimate portrait of 1980s systemic homophobia.

Remendo (Roger Ghil, Ammodo Tiger Short): Zé is a local repairman with simple aspirations: to learn to love and heal in postcolonialism.

Vienen las grietas (Daniel Mateo Vallejo, Short & Mid Length): Nature beckons Keisi, driving a sensuous, vivid and liberating exploration of identity and queer expression.

La amiga de mi amiga (Zaida Carmona, Bright Future): Writer and filmmaker Zaida Carmona creates an irresistible queer comedy about love and cinema.

Bodyshop (Scud, Bright Future): A camp, provocative, subversive mosaic of sex, love, rape, death, tourism, and defiance from Hong Kong underground artist Scud.

De noche los gatos son pardos (Valentin Merz, Harbour): A soft-core porn magical realist murder mystery zombie comedy cop shocker fairy-tale reverie about filmmaking.

Fogo-fátuo (João Pedro Rodrigues, Harbour): The latest queer fairytale from IFFR favourite João Pedro Rodrigues: a boundary-crossing musical comedy.

Stiekyt (Etienne Fourie, Harbour): An actor secretly moonlights at a drag club, where escalating sabotage games lead to violence.

Captain Faggotron Saves the Universe (Harvey Rabbit, Bright Future): A closeted priest caught up in a battle for the world’s sexuality. Shamelessly classic camp!

I Can See the Sun but I Can’t Feel It Yet (Joseph Wilson, Ammodo Tiger Short): Young queer people forced to undergo conversion therapy find beauty in their despair.

The Blue Caftan (Maryam Touzani, Limelight) : An alluringly shot tale of repressed desire and unspoken longing set in Salé, Morocco.

Need (Jonnah Bron, RTM): Sensual film about sexual freedom and safety. Images, sound and movement coalesce in a luscious choreography.

Playland (Georden West, Tiger Competition): Creative bricolage theatrically tracing the life and demise of Boston’s oldest and most notorious gay bar.

Something You Said Last Night (Luis De Filippis, Harbour): In this tender debut feature, summer vacation is an exploration of millennial boredom, family love and trans identity.

Medusa Deluxe (Thomas Hardiman, Limelight): A flamboyant whodunnit set at a high-fashion hairdressing competition, permeated with dialogue as sharp as a coiffeur’s scissors.

Kissing the Ground You Walked On (Heng Fai Hong, Bright Future): Languidly paced, simmering take on Chekhov’s Seagull set in the suffocating summer heat of Macau.

I Love You, Beksman (Percival Intalan, Harbour): Presumed gay, Dali falls for a woman in a buoyant reverse coming-out comedy.

The Orgy of the Damned (Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Harbour): A wordless, dream-like, post-apocalyptic horror movie full of sounds of fury. A darkly trippy avant-garde scare fest!

Four Little Adults (Selma Vilhunen, Big Screen Competition): Middle-aged people pursue a polyamorous relationship. In this tenderly humanist comedy, a different world is possible!

Orphea in Love (Axel Ranisch, Harbour): Nele dreams of becoming a soprano and falls in love with dancer Kolya. A razzmatazzy musical mixing realism, kitsch and classical ballet.

El Jardin de los Faunos (Pol Merchan, Short & Mid-length): An ode to queer artist Nazario Luque, who devoted his life to love and freedom.

Casa de Bonecas (George Pedrosa, Short & Mid-length): Three prophets of pink seduce us with their glistening bodies and dark desires. Squish. Slap.

Euridice, Euridice (Lora Mure-Ravaud, Short & Mid-length): When a great love leaves her behind, Odina must reorient herself and learn to live without looking back.

Revolution der Augen (Friederike Pezold, Harbour): A pamphlet for a new way of seeing. Austrian feminist legend Friederike Pezold’s return to cinema!

Untold Herstory (Zero Chou, Harbour): Compelling story of the female political prisoners who sought justice during the oppressive White Terror era.




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